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Dangling from the edge of a building or walking the circumference of a roof listening to an ipod is where you might find me during the day. Whether it's raining or shinning I will have my hands in a bucket of soapy water or a leaf packed gutter humming to some fire-sign-songwriter song like "Eighteenth Balcony" or "Perfect Blue Buildings." I eat mostly plants and their offspring and take pleasure in what I choose to eat and relish those that eat similar. Making Kombucha and Rejuvelac along with sprouting conjures a place in my mind where I wish I lived in a yurt in a third world country. I love to travel. The less an area is developed the more I am looking for a way to squat a piece of land when I gallivant around a new place. A straw built home in a small village around the Southwest corner of Russia or on an island with active and dormant volcanoes floating the center of Lake Nicaragua always look like a place to rest my head. Road trips with no plans or a 10 hour flight excites me like a child trying to sleep the night before Christmas. My favorite thing in life is stepping off a plane and not knowing the language. Riveting conversation with a perfect stranger can involve laughter or a tear. I once heard Astronomy is like a massive glove and Astrology is like the living hand inside the glove. This energy absolutely mesmerizes me. Reading sacred texts and finding the beauty and simplicity in nearly all religions fascinates me, yet my religion is simply removing the barbed wire fences that separate me from love. I value the people that make the environment I live in more conducive to a relaxed atmosphere. Those in the past that didn’t, I also thank because they were in my life to challenge me to find new viewpoints and raise the bar for myself. I desire to fully understand what a '(w)holy' relationship is as apposed to a 'special' relationship as described in A Course in Miracles. I stretch nearly every morning and night, yet I am still a little taut. There is a meditation mat in my favorite space of my home, but I don’t put nearly the time on it I wish I would. Meditation in a group sounds more pleasing to me than going to a movie or a happy hour. I tend to be painstakingly fastidious before jumping into new ideas, yet when I do its usually with a splash. Eight or nine years ago I decided to look for God on my desolate beach of faith. My prayer was, “You promise to never take me beyond what I can handle....take me to that edge.” It was not what I expected, but I love what I found on that edge. I am comfortable being somewhat agnostic (without any certain knowledge) leaning with an impish glee in my eye in the direction of a higher power I loosely call the Universe/God. For the last couple of years I have enjoyed waking to a smile when I feel my consciousness and sub-conscious in synchronicity. While the last several years I have found the Sun to be within me as much as around me. When I drift from this, I just remind myself that I’m taking life to serious as people temporarily do while playing a board game. People with a slight need for some personality conflict seem to make an effort to project their mountains of issues out and about where I can see them. I gravitate toward the other 98% of the people in my life that like to see the Sun to rise and fall around peace. Is that what it means to have the faith to move mountains? Do you remember the feeling you had when you couldn’t wait to go for a bike ride with your best friend as a child? Everyday, I search for that feeling again. Please make comments and make this a peaceful home for you and your friends. Namaste

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